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Jantex Colour-Coded Trigger Spray Bottle Green 750ml

  • Green head means the bottle can be used for colour-coded cleaning to prevent cross contamination
  • Colour-coded head also makes identifying the bottle's contents easy
  • Millilitre markings allow for simple, accurate dilution of cleaning chemicals
  • Quality trigger spray mechanism ensures a consistent dosage of cleaning solution
  • Adjustable nozzle allows you to choose how much solution is dispensed
  • Translucent material makes it easy to see how much solution is left
  • The long pipette will absorb water and cleaning solutions effectively
  • The plain bottle can be labelled to better organise your cleaning inventory
  • Sturdy plastic material gives the bottle good strength
  • Versatile bottle can be used in janitorial, beauty, gardening and domestic settings
  • Not certified food-safe
SKU: 89CD818