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25lt Bucket & Wringer - Various Colours


Heavy Duty Bucket and Wringer

Colour coded  mopping system complete with gear press wringer which is ideal for use when mopping small to medium size areas. Easy to manoeuvre in addition to featuring a large carrying handle. ‘Caution wet floor’ is printed on both sides of the bucket.

Blue: has been coded for low-risk areas, such as offices and hallways, as well as for general dusting or polishing.

Green: has been assigned to food and drink preparation areas, including kitchens and bar areas.

Red: is assigned to areas such as urinals, toilets and washroom floors.

Yellow: is assigned to clinical areas, however yellow is often used outside of the care industry as a colour assigned to the cleaning of all other washroom surfaces, including sinks, mirrors, cubicles, tiled walls, glass and also metal. 

SKU: 28MC8088B