NQS 250 Dry Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

The all-steel construction of today’s NQS models is where the Numatic story started.

We learnt from the 250 that the commercial cleaning business was rough and tough but, having said that, the majority of our early machines are still working 20 years later.

After all those years the NQS-250 is better than ever, the all-steel deep-drawn power head incorporates our patented Microtec noise reduction system. TwinFlo’ performance is superb, filtration is to our Tritex standard and the container is also a single d

€¢Comprehensive accessory kit AS1 with stainless steel tube set.

Reliable twin flow motor

€¢Nucable easy replaceable plugged system.

€¢Tritex filtration.

Easy change bags

Capacity 9 Litres

€¢A rated energy efficient.